Italian Truffles

Italian Truffles

Italian Truffles, Alba to Tramonto

Italian truffles make Italy a paradise for lovers of this distinguished item. No country can compare in terms of presence and availability, with its white truffles among the sought after in the world. This is evident in the northern Italian region of Piemonte, where Alba truffles (Tartufo bianco d’Alba) are noted for their rare qualities and tradition.

It is no coincidence that Italian truffles are the highest quality. Research shows that the characteristics of Italian soil and flora render them so aromatic and flavorful. The roots of this delicacy are no gentlemen’s trade, requiring the know-how of rural Italian truffle hunters with their dog (or pig!) to sniff and dig ’em out. From this centuries-old process comes a prized gourmet food, commanding prices for some white types of Italian truffles that are beyond the reach of most consumers.

This does not mean that you can’t visit one of many dedicated festivals in autumn for a taste. Producing Italian regions include Umbria, Veneto, Marche, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna and Molise. Recent seasons have seen all-time records in the quantity of Italian truffles, meaning they are more affordable for a broader base of shoppers. There are also a number of Italian products on the market to accent your favorite recipes with a dash of their inimitable sapor.

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