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Black or white truffle recipes

Le recipes di truffle they range from the simplest to the most complex. The delicate qualities of black truffle recipes are surpassed only by those made with white truffle. Savor one and you will hardly imagine life without it.

Take the most basic dish in the repertoire of Italian recipes: fried egg with truffle flakes. It achieves a divine taste in the most natural way. In order not to lose even a crumb of flavor, and indeed to enhance it, some eat it exclusively with freshly baked bread.

Opening a recipe book, the list of first courses is long and includes both pasta (tagliolini, for example) and rice. It is important not to cook the tuber, it can be added raw or lightly au gratin in melted butter or oil, over low heat. pasta or risotto, thin shavings are scattered at the end of cooking. In many recipes it is served with Parmigiano Reggiano.

Among the recipes you will find beef, veal, duck and scampi, all enriched with this dish. Remember that black and white have different prices and features. Make sure you clean it properly with a brush, using the right tools. A common grater allows presentations for true gourmets, whatever your mastery of the stove!

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