The Recipe for Health

The first step in fighting obesity is the reformulation of the food and beverage recipes used in the industry. Among the first urgent measures, writes Il Fatto Alimentare, is reducing salt. In Europe, average levels are twice that recommended by the World Health Organization. It is now certain that excess of sodium increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
A second intervention needs to be made for saturated fats, which should be both lowered and revised to favour to improve the lipid profile in food. Yet another parameter to correct is the amount of sugar, which must be reduced, or substituted with other sweeteners with a lower glycemic index.
For more “indulgent” beverages, those for which nutritional guidelines allow less frequent intake, it is indispensable to change marketing practices according to the WHO. This includes banning advertisements that show tables full of carbonated, sugary drinks, and other HFSS (High in Fat, Salt and Sugar) products, substituting them with images of fruit and vegetables to suggest greater consumption.