The Mission of San Benedetto

The ambitious objective of San Benedetto, the leading Italian mineral water producer and second player in the domestic non-alcoholic beverage market (first of 100% Italian capital), is to reduce emissions until they are completely neutralised. The company’s work towards sustainability began 4 years ago. “We signed a voluntary agreement with the Ministry for the Environment in 2009, and renewed it twice, most recently in 2013, to keep track of our carbon footprint according to LCA methodology in order to record accurately, have a scientific perspective on the emissions created by the mineral water production cycle, as well as define a plan of action to reduce overall CO2 emissions,” stated director of marketing at San Benedetto, Vincenzo Tundo, in an interview with Distribuzione Moderna.
So far, the company’s efforts have led to a 30% cut in the amount of CO2 produced in the three year period from 2008 to 2011. The results, certified by Bureau Veritas, are encouraging, and still full of promise thanks to innovations introduced in mineral water bottling as a part of the EcoGreen project.