The Majority of the Population Eats Right

A positive picture emerged from research carried out by Italy’s National Association of Dietitians (Andid) on Italian eating habits. The report based on the results of over 3,000 questionnaires revealed that almost all of the population respects the basic rules of eating well. According to the data, over the last two years 82% of those interviewed eat breakfast regularly, and rarely skips a meal (2.4%). They also frequently consume milk and yogurt (55% in the north, 56% in the south). The study found that the good eating habits were also rounded out with a satisfactory amount of vegetables, higher in the northern part of the country (68.3%) than in southern areas (51%), as well as fruit which was present in the diet of 70% of the population sample. High levels of fish consumption were also recorded in 80% of the populace, with white meat once a week (50.6%), and more than three times (41%). However, two details stood out as examples of poor eating habits. A quarter of Italians put red meat on the table 3 days a week, with snack food becoming increasingly common for the country’s adolescents.