The 11th Qualivita Report

In 2013, Italy confirmed itself as the leading country for the number of products registered in DOOR, the European database of quality certified DOP, IGP and STG products with 261. The count has been kept over the years by the Qualivita Foundation, which presented its 11th report on Italian DOP, IGP and STG specialties, edited in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Services Institute (ISMEA).

The value of exports in 2012 reached some 2.5 billion euros, and has shown constant growth. If Italian pastas saw the addition of two new IGP entries (Gragnano Pasta and Maccheroncini di Campofilone), bel paese cheeses were the symbol of geographically identifiable products, with a higher incidence in earnings. Produce and meat based products, on the other hand, saw the largest percentage increases.

The study also highlighted the attention dedicated to the communication strategies of the various consortiums that govern production. 37 out of 100 rely on external support, while just 8 are active on social networks. Generally speaking the enormous potential of the web receives marginal budget allocations in favor of more traditional media outlets.