Iced Tea

Iced tea, Italian Summer symbol

Summer prince, iced tea, one of the Italian public’s favourite drinks. Quenching and invigorating, its lack of carbon anhydrides helps it appear healthy, especially through spreading green tea with other plants, obviously to taste cold. Even before its large scale, major brand production, iced tea was sold individually at bars and grocers’, who tended to produce it in bags or cooling the tea product in suited containers.

Now iced tea is prepared from extract obtained from infusion via evaporation, an operation which unfortunately eases polyphenol dispersion. For production placement, the tea and drink producers and brands usually add water, lemon juice, sugar and herbs; as for green variety tea, mint or other extracts is usually present.

Easy and fast to prepare at home, using dry leaves in infusions, bags or industrial Italian tea potions. It is often recommended in a diet as it can fill up and, if made in the housewife way, keeps all its nutritional properties active.

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