Tea, the principal types and Italian taste

Tea. The oldest drink in the world, with only water first, considered in Asia fundamental long life elixir. There are many different types of tea, diversified on the basis of origin and leaf treatment, from noble green to black tea, semi-fermented to cold, to the little, excellent Italian production.

Despite climate difficulties in Italy, attempts were made to grow “Camelia sinensis”, most successfully at S. Andrea di Compito (Lucca). Every Italian loves cold tea, due to its excellent quenching properties in Summer, which is precisely why it is easy to find many brands in large distribution too.

It’s a shrub with small sized, fragrant leaves, mainly grown in China, India, Russia and Turkey. Its polyphenol richness depends on the types of fermentation set, though there is always delicacy rich in fluorine, zinc, potassium, copper, iron, vitamins (B1, B2, C, E, P) and anti-oxidants. Some less fermented mixes also boast high magnesium content, optimal for slimming regimes, while the red one is recommended for intestine purification.

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Italian Tea

Italian tea, green Treasure Over time, numerous attempts were made to grow Italian tea. Pavia made the first step with its “ancient...