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Truffle oil in search of quality

Truffle oil, really exists? We find two types on the market, and it is really important to understand the difference. Italian truffle oil is produced with two classifications, one speaks of an aromatic infusion, the other of a 100% natural recipe.

The denomination of white or black truffle oil, for example, may not always be exact, since many are produced without the use of the tuber itself, but with an artificial reproduction of the organic compound 2,4-dithiapentane, which is responsible of the unique flavor of this Italian jewel.

Starting from this assumption it is easy to understand why these foods are cheap compared to what they try to imitate. But beyond the criticisms of the finest connoisseurs, these types of oil can equally give a special touch to a large amount of foods.

The major Italian producers, however, support an “old-fashioned” realization. The selection of ingredients is made at the right degree of ripeness (timing is the key to this delicacy), to be infused for six months in delicate extra virgin olive oil. This process exploits all the thirty compounds that give the white truffle its essence.

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