Taralli Pugliesi, The Need to Crunch

Taralli are the expression of a centuries old art of making bakery products in a historic Durum wheat production area. Puglia’s traditional cuisine is characterized by the richness of dishes created from humble ingredients of extraordinary variety and flavor. The origin of Taralli Pugliesi dates back to at least the 1400s, when peasant families offered them to guests with wine.

Full of aroma, crunchy and flavorful, Taralli Pugliesi stand out due to the double cooking process they are subject to, endowing each one with an unmistakable crunchiness. After the dough is ready, Taralli are boiled, then baked following draining to give that distinct golden hue.

Taralli Pugliesi are made using the simple and natural ingredients that their exceptional territory offers: water, flour, olive oil – extra virgin, preferably – and a pinch of salt, without a trace of yeast. Over time taralli have been enriched through a number of additions, such as fennel seeds, onions, local wines and other seasonings. They are ideal as a snack, accompanied with salami and cheese, or raw vegetables. They are even wonderful on their own.


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