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Free from, the ABC’s

The ‘free from’ claims on food labels keep gaining consensus among European consumers. Who are increasingly choosing ‘GMO-free’ and ‘palm oil free’. Hereby...

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EFSA, sugar consultation

The European Food Safety Authority has launched a public consultation in view of an imminent evaluation on free sugars in food and drinks. (1) Simple sugars...

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Amazon Pantry, what’s wrong

The complaint of Amazon Pantry to the Italian Antitrust Authority has provoked mixed reactions on our Facebook page. Amid the best-price loyalists and those...

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Ecommerce, missing information

Ecommerce in Europe falls within the scope of Food Information Regulation (FIR). Despite that, the common rules have been largely disregarded for six years...

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Chinotto, Cedrata. Food frauds

Chinotto, Cedrata (citron drink). The most counterfeited beverages, paradoxically, are the most rooted in the Italian tradition. Frauds spread and controls...