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Amazon, cyber-bullying

Amazon, cyber-bullying to the detriment of consumers and suppliers. Great Italian Food Trade is appealing again to the Antitrust Authority for the restoration...

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Food fraud, EC knowledge center

On March 13, 2018 the European Commission has submitted to the Parliament the new Knowledge Center for Food Fraud and Quality. Following, initial reports and...

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Amazon outlawed

Amazon outlawed. As we reported to the Italian Competition authority, the e-commerce giant blatantly violates the rules on consumer protection. Here are 18 new...

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Fake Alpine milk

Someone declares that milk comes from a theoretical ‘Alpine space’ which includes plains, seashores and city jungles, and someone says not. The Italian...

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Chinotto, Cedrata. Food frauds

Chinotto, Cedrata (citron drink). The most counterfeited beverages, paradoxically, are the most rooted in the Italian tradition. Frauds spread and controls...