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Never underestimate a sauce di past! It is a recipe that is anything but complex, devoid of any imaginative culinary artifice, yet extremely difficult to make. Only the best ingredients (extra virgin olive oil, tomato puree, garlic and salt) combine and bind in an indissoluble way in a happy union, reaching together the apex and perfection of taste.

From the traditional sauce and passata as a condiment for pasta and pizza, we get to secular, traditional family recipes, where the doses and the use of spices, or precise varieties of vegetables, modify and personalize the final flavor.

For quick meals we find on the market many types of sauce and puree ready for use, to be jumped directly into the pan with slight precautions, while if you are looking for a fresh sauce recipe a blender will suffice (a thermomix is ​​not necessary) to compose a cold sauce, without cooking the tomato, intense and aromatic, also perfect to drink, perhaps together with a little vodka for abloody mary'.

Explore the world of sauce with Gift, know the secrets of tomato sauce and the news on the market, you can boast of being true guru of Italian cuisine.

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