Students Recognized at Anuga

Grain sorghum, dark chocolate and grape seeds are the three main ingredients of SOcrock, the snack bar created by agriculture students at the Catholic University of Piacenza. It was awarded the European EcoTrophelia award, a contest for the best eco-innovative edible products conceived of by uni students as part of Anuga, the most important food and agriculture fair in Europe.

The winning characteristic of SOcrock is the choice of ingredients that are compatible with the environment. Sorghum is a grain similar to corn, but with better drought resistance and lower water usage. The grape seeds are byproducts of distilling and winemaking.

Production of the snack is also a hymn to sustainability with little waste and the acquisition of raw materials not far from where it is produced. These characteristics are combined with 100% recyclable packaging, on which the students have placed a label communicating environmental impact to consumers in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and use of resources.