Street Food

Street Food app

Street Food app

Street food app, the spice of Italian innovation

Street food app: the south of Italy, in Sicily to be exact, a region that is the European capital of this kind of food. A young Italian marketing expert decided to look into the sector and wanted to come up with an idea that would raise the profile of the many businesses in that field. Something that could match the best trucks with the customer instantly. An innovative mix of speed, network, connectivity – and authentic Italian street tradition.

Giuseppe Castronovo, 39 years old, is the founder of StreetEat, an exciting new app designed to bring the experts and the customers on the street together. By accessing the app it is possible to connect and chat, and most importantly, locate the foodtrucks, while all the owners need to do is check in. The app is fast and user friendly and is an ideal way to answer the standard question: “where shall we eat today?”.

Thirty enterprises have already agreed to take part in the scheme, specially selected from a database created by the application’s production team, and a plan to expand to the streets of England is being discussed.

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