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Piadina, One and Only Recipe

The Piadina is essentially and existentially flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt and water. From these simple and natural ingredients this Italian flat bread with origins in the region of Emilia-Romagna is born. Piadina varies 15 to 30 cm in diameter and 3 to 8 mm in height, and is cooked with a pizza stone or cast iron skillet that gives its characteristic golden brown spots.

Once a type of bread for poor farmers, today the Piadina recipe is famous throughout the world for its versatility and infinite variety of fillings. History says the Piadina was invented by the Etruscans, but after the Renaissance it became a staple in peasant cooking, above all in central and northern areas of Italy. Along the Adriatic Riviera, Piadina evolved into a myth for tourism during the economic boom of the 1950s onwards. The Piadina has since conquered its place among gastronomic specialties internationally.

Two versions of the Piadina recipe also boast recognition in Europe as protected IGP products. Like other flat breads they can be eaten hot or cold, by themselves or with any combination of compliments: Italian salami, cheese, vegetables, as well as fruit, chocolate spread or marmalade. What a food!

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