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Gnummareddi pugliesi, traditional Street Food

Gnummareddi pugliesi, genuine street food of the Salento area in the Puglia region, the jewel of the Italian coast. Popular in the neighbouring Molise and Basilicata regions too, depending on the place they might also be known as nghiemeridde, turcinelli, turcinieddi, ‘mboti, marretti or mbujacati. The name gnummareddi derives from the Latin “glomus”, meaning ball of yarn, owing to their twisted shape, and in fact some of the alternative names for gnummareddi originate with the word for “twist”.

Gnummareddi pugliesi: delicious rolls of offal (liver, lungs and kidneys), wrapped and cooked in a casing of lamb or kid gut. Served on a plate or sizzling on skewers, gnummareddi are usually about 5cm long, although in other areas they may be bigger.

A typical Italian street snack, to be eaten perhaps wandering through the whitewashed alleys of Ostuni or while enjoying the nightlife of Gallipoli, gnummareddi most likely have their roots in the cooking traditions of the Sephardic Jews. The authentic recipe for gnummareddi calls for fennel seeds and parsley (sometimes substituted with bay leaves), and they should be prepared on a grill or a griddle.

Gnummareddi pugliesi, quite rightly the mouthwatering star of the show at Puglian festivals and fairs.

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