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Erbazzone, typical Emilian street food

Erbazzone reggiano: a product of traditional cucina povera, today a superb Italian street food enjoyed on the streets of Reggio Emilia, perhaps with a glass of Parma Sauvignon. Erbazzone is a kind of savoury pie, with a layer of unleavened pastry (“fuiada”) and a filling of boiled chard, egg, shallots, onion, garlic, and Parmigiano Reggiano, and sometimes enriched with lard. In local dialect erbazzone is known as “Scarpasòun”, a name that derives from the word for the vegetable stalks, “scarpa”.

Some say that the earliest erbazzone reggiano were made by the “redzora” (housewives in charge of making doughs), but the unrisen dough would suggest Jewish origins. The Consorzio Erbazzone Reggiano seems to have little doubt that the dish originated in the ghetto, a densely populated place in the Middle Ages, and are even able to identify the exact oven used to cook erbazzone for the first time, in via dell’Aquila, found in the heart of this Italian city.

Erbazzone reggiano: a medieval recipe handed down unchanged over the years also in the Romagna area, nowadays very popular and commonly eaten standing up, and in all its modern variations erbazzone is always genuine, rich and tasty.

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