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Cicchetti veneziani, mini delights

Cicchetti veneziani, traditional appetizer of Venice, one of the oldest examples of street food in the whole country. Cicchetti are small tasters of various different dishes, joining Italian culinary art with convenience.

Visiting the Venetian “bacari” (cicchetti bars) means discovering places off the beaten track, overlooking the canals and full of atmosphere, and washing down a plate of cicchetti veneziani with a Prosecco, a Spritz or a glass of wine. The city’s passion for detail is evident in the care and sophistication in its cicchetti, brought to life through flavour, colour and presentation. The best are made with seafood, although they can also be of the land.

The classic cicchetti veneziani usually consists of marinated anchovies, mixed fries, cuttlefish au gratin, sardines “in saor”, meatballs, hardboiled eggs, crostini, baby squid and fried vegetables (often all served on bread or polenta).

The fancy restaurants may bring in the tourists with their extravagance, but the real Venetians rely on their own favourite trusted “bacaro”, enjoying a delicious serving of cicchetti veneziani as the sun sets, whether strolling around or standing up, but always in true Italian street food style. A way to taste Italy in little bites: in “cicchetti”.

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