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Arrosticini, authentic street food with the best Italian taste

Arrosticini, a great example of a local street food winning over Italian palates throughout the whole country. Skewers of small cubes of mutton or lamb, arrosticini are traditional in Abruzzo but popular in all of Italy. Now a common street food, it has it origins in transhumance, the seasonal movement of livestock between pastures: the shepherds used to prepare and cook the original arrosticini when out alone at the sheep-pens, using the meat of sheep that were no longer productive, or castrated lambs. The skewer was usually made with the stalks of aquatic plants.

Genuine arrosticini get their distinctive flavour from the way they are cooked, which should always be on the “rustillire” (or “furnacella”), a kind of brazier; it is because of this that arrosticini are also known as “rustelle” or “arrustelle”.

Arrosticini, a must during Sunday trips into the Abruzzese and Lazio countryside, truly represent the Italian street tradition in all its goodness. Arrosticini make a simple and tasty dish that doesn’t need any sauces, other than perhaps a light marinade of olive oil, salt and rosemary. Served in batches of 25-50, arrosticini are traditionally eaten with the hands.

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