Street Food

Street Food, excellent Italian flavour

Street food in Italy, a cheap and delicious way to discover the authentic taste of Italian cuisine: you can find numerous stalls and shops throughout every region. It is a country renowned for the endless variety of its local dishes – there are thousands of variations on focaccia alone – that are usually eaten right there on the street, although they can even be packaged and shipped to lovers of Italian gastronomy in destinations all over the world.

The long list of Italian street food such as farinata, pani ca’ meusa, arrosticini, piadina, supplì and arancini, is proof of the wide range of regional flavours, traditions and resources that are so typical of the Peninsular. A vast and varied menu just waiting to be tasted, especially while travelling through Italy, experiencing both the products and the beauty together.

Whenever the desire for a snack strikes, this has always been the perfect solution. Economical, but good quality, this is the Italian version of fast-food, but with its roots firmly in popular tradition. Never standardized, unlike the poor American-style imitations of hamburgers and ketchup; instead, this is the real Made in Italy, street-style.

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Street Food


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