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Le marche di Italian liqueurs they are renowned and stand out for the incredible variety and quality they offer. Like many other elements of the typical Italian food and drink culture, the production of spirits often derives from a long history of innovation and excellence.
Many of the unique products that we can find among the brands of Italian liqueurs, find their roots in the monastic traditions that characterized the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, an age that saw the monks initiators of the art of spice and aromatic herbs distillation. The first producers found themselves outside the cloister, they were simple farmers, whose ingenuity led to the creation of drinks marked by a deep bond with the land, born in respect of it and of the social bonds typical of the Italian structure.
These liqueur brands, as well as the audience of consumers who like to taste Italian spirits, benefit from this double tradition and from innovative and sophisticated techniques that guarantee the original quality standard despite the increase in production. Whether after dinner you prefer Limoncello, Grappa, Amaro, Italian Brandy or Sambuca, these masterpieces will continue to surprise.
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