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Specialised in Trademark Registering


Trademark registration grants the exclusive rights for its use nationally and internationally, as well as the faculty of denying use to other enterprises which offer similar products and services. Registering a trademark is the first step that allows a business to protect its investments, guaranteeing its durability on the market. It is important to remember that the trademark is the distinctive symbol for any company functioning to identify and distinguish the products and services it offers. Above all it permits these to be associated to a specific manufacturer or provider, and therefore perhaps the single most pivotal element in communication. Trademark registration guarantees that businesses will be able to take advantage of all commercially viable operations legally. A trademark, in fact, is an asset that can be sold, or used locally or globally through licensing concessions, merchandising and franchising. Through registering its trademark, the company can earn profits, as well as represent in itself a fundamental item of the company patrimony on the balance sheet.