Types of Spaghetti

Types of Spaghetti

Types of Spaghetti for Specific Recipes

Different types of spaghetti are famous throughout the world for their flavor, quality and versatility. Types of pasta are the protagonist for every sauce and condiment to exalt the symphony of taste. Spaghetti recipes are incredibly varied in number, a combination of longstanding traditions and contemporary innovation to make the best with clams, alla carbonara, or vermicelli al cacio e pepe.

Broader pasta consumption in recent years has increased the various types of spaghetti available to consumers. Traditionally, differences were primarily in diameter (smaller spaghettini, or larger spaghettoni), passing to angel hair and bucatini. But types of pasta have embraced new raw ingredients in a departure from historic standards with a strong emphasis on health.

Among these types of spaghetti there are: gluten-free, distinguished for ease in digestion and made with rice or corn flour; fashionable kamut, rich in nutritional properties and slightly sweeter to the palate; and finally farro, loaded with antioxidants and iron. Whole wheat spaghetti can also be added to the list, which stands out thanks to the significant levels of fiber and lower glycemic index, preventing adipose tissue, cholesterol and lingering hunger. This is truly a food for the recipes of our times!

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