Spaghetti Recipes

Spaghetti Recipes

Spaghetti Recipes, Authentic Pasta 101

The list of spaghetti recipes is as voluminous as it is delicious. Among Italy’s different types of pasta, perhaps no other has lent itself so readily to cooking styles from north to south, becoming an integrated staple on the peninsula, and around the world.

The first thing to consider is making spaghetti as it was meant to be, meaning choosing the right diameter, style and consistency for each preparation. Spaghetti recipes with light condiments can be thinner and smoother, while heartier fare calls for them to be thicker and porous.

Types of pasta are similar in that spaghetti recipes must see their spaghetto nothing more, or less than al dente. The perfect point at which it is fully cooked, yet maintains its internal texture. The correct times are on boxes, and salting water helps ensure uniformity of temperature, as well as flavor.

Now that the basics are down, complicated spaghetti recipes are no longer daunting: Spaghetti cacio e pepe is a Roman dish with cheese and black pepper, don’t let the seeming simplicity fool you, it is a great tester to see if the chef really knows what they are doing, all’astice with lobster and tomato, able to make even the hardened critics say wow, and finally with bottarga, or cured fish roe, at once passionate and unique.

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