Italian Spaghetti

Italian Spaghetti

Italian Spaghetti for Authentic Recipes

Italian spaghetti, among the numerous types of pasta, they are perhaps the most cherished in Italy and throughout the world. Made from Durum wheat flour, they are the perfect ambassador of the cuisine and culture of the bel paese. There are many famous spaghetti recipes: with fresh tomatoes, clams or alla carbonara. So what is the reason for their enormous success at home and abroad?

– Pasta and its recipes are considered the uncompromising best due to the selection of optimal raw ingredients, mainly the high quality flours that are expertly mixed by knowledgeable Italian producers.

Some say that cooking them is a vivid reflection of the inborn creativity of the Italian spirit and love of life. To satisfy the tastes and desires of refined palates, types of Italian spaghetti have been created in different diameters. However, they are all round, and demand to be cooked “al dente“. Even a carefully prepared recipe won’t survive the insult of overcooked spaghetti.

After drying, Italian spaghetti are cut using bronze forms that increase body and texture, allowing for the capture of condiments and exalting flavor. Now that’s Italian!

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