Spaghetti, Types for Authenticity

Spaghetti is the most archetypal of types of pasta. It permeates diverse cultures in the East in West and is found in many international cuisines. However, nowhere has it achieved more than in Italy, where spaghetti recipes top the list of Italian first courses, or primi piatti. It is incredibly versatile, lending itself to time-honored gastronomic traditions, while keeping a flare for innovative cooking styles, from Mediterranean fusion to entirely new ingredients.

Italian spaghetti, like all pasta, is made using just Durum wheat flour and water. It couldn’t seem simpler, but there are a number of variables to consider: diameter, followed by surface texture (cut with bronze makes them porous for absorbing sauces), then different spaghetti types, such as Linguine, Bucatini and Vermicelli. New trends have pushed for the health conscious whole grain spaghetti, as well as Kamut and gluten free.

The volume of spaghetti recipes is unending, but here are the must tries: Aglio olio e peperoncino with garlic, oil and red pepper flakes, alla Carbonara with bacon and egg, alle vongole with clams, allo scoglio with shellfish and shrimp, and then of course the timeless pomodoro e basilico with tomato and basil. Spaghetti, recipes for the Italian in each of us!

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Types of Spaghetti

Types of Spaghetti for Specific Recipes Different types of spaghetti are famous throughout the world for their flavor, quality and versatility. Types of pasta are the protagonist for every sauce and condiment to exalt the symphony of taste. Spaghetti recipes are incredibly varied in...

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