Passata Sauce

Passata Sauce

Passata sauce, Italian style

Never underestimate the value of a top quality passata sauce. The ingredients for Italian passata sauce are anything but complicated, free from fanciful culinary endeavors, however it isn’t easy to make. Only the choice of the best single elements (extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, garlic and salt) combine and blend to create the necessary flavor and texture that endures in lasting perfection.

Traditional tomato passata sauce is most often utilized as a base condiment for pasta or pizza. The centuries old recipe was originally handed down in families, many of which have turned into today’s top brands, where the amount and use of spices, or precise varieties of produce modified, even personalized the resulting taste. This is very similar to the way the product is used in kitchens in Italy and elsewhere.

For quick meals, there are myriad types available to consumers that are ready for the pan immediately. For your own, all you need is a food processor for fresh passata, without cooking the tomato first. Intense and aromatic this concoction is akin to juice.

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