Sauce with Italian passata

The characteristic aroma of sauce, to be more specific, Italian pasta sauce with a tomato passata base, is heady and has spread through the streets of towns all over Italy for centuries. The tradition is represented by deep-rooted recipes, at times passed down from mother to son, often with a pinch of secrecy in addition to the standard ingredients.

Recipes for a unique type of Italian sauce is available in every area of the country. It is enough to consider sugo alla bolognese or genovese to make this point, but a common thread is the use of a passata sauce made with tomatoes. This is achieved by cooking of cherry, datterino or San Marzano varieties, and is used to accompany a wide variety of dishes, such as pizza, meatballs, and of course pasta.

King of Italian sauce and quick recipes, it expresses the best combination between passata and extra virgin olive oil, and it is for this reason that so much attention needs to be paid to the quality of each ingredient. An optimal sauce can be cooked starting with organic foods, or on an industrial scale without losing the virtues we have described. For example, proof of this is found in the De Rica product line.

passata pomodoro grande

Tomato Passata

Tomato passata sauce for italian flavor Tomato passata is a recipe that is as antique as it is authentic, able to awaken sensations and forgotten memories. The primary ingredient, whether the product is bought or made at home has only one name: the tomato. Passata sauce is perfect on...

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