Sambuca, Italian Liquor Legend

Sambuca, the mere mention of this Italian liquor conjures pleasant, round and delicate sensations to the palate. Different from Pastis, Anisette or Absinth, this unique specialty beverage is the product of a recipe in which natural ingredients compete for the domination of the senses, where elements fuse without outdoing one another. There are also a number of famous Sambuca cocktails.

Authentic Sambuca liquor was introduced in 1851 in the Italian city of Civitavecchia, based on superior alcohol production, sugar and distilled green and star anise. Its success came during the post-war economic boom immortalized in Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita”. Molinari began producing it in 1945, making it a symbol of rebirth, with many stars, including Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg, photographed with a glass of Sambuca con la mosca, meaning “fly” (with floating coffee beans).

Sambuca liquor is on even par with an Amaro after dinner as a carminative digestivo, but Sambuca cocktails and flambé take center stage for the in crowd. Be sure to taste the real thing – strictly Italian, clear as water, and imitation free as 9 million counterfeit bottles are put into circulation each year!

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