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Sugar causes diabetes

Sugar causes diabetes. Here because

Does sugar cause diabetes? Not really, or at least not directly. Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease that produces an excess of sugar in the blood, does not depend on a direct relationship with the amount of sugar usually consumed. However, it is the result of overweight and obesity, conditions in turn generated by an excessive consumption of foods too rich in sugars and fats (junk food) and a sedentary lifestyle, which prevents consuming the calories taken with food.

The indications for preventing diabetes are essentially two: to carry out regular physical activity (half an hour of brisk walking is enough) and to follow a balanced diet, such as Mediterranean diet. In summary, it is necessary to minimize the consumption of foods with excessive levels of sugars, saturated fats and salt. Give preference to vegetables and fruit, cereals and legumes, And alternate protein sources of animal origin: fish, eggs, cheeses and meats of various species.

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