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Salt harms

Salt is bad for business

Salt harms even to business. In fact, consumers prefer products that boast less sodium. It is the conclusion of one study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which evidence that the link between nutrition and health is becoming increasingly clear to shoppers.

The scientific work was conducted by researchers from the University of Toronto, who subjected to 506 Canadians, hypertensive and non-hypertensive, four bogus food packages each accompanied by a different claim. In three cases, the reduced sodium content and the beneficial characteristics for good health were enhanced, in the fourth it was simply highlighted the good taste. The outcome of the trial rewarded the packaged foods offered as healthier, although the nutrition label and ingredient list were identical for all samples.

The research could now help convince those sectors of the food industry that are still reluctant to take the road of salt reduction. Surely it is an assist to the WHO and to national and European health institutions, which for years have been fighting to reduce the consumption of salt to below 5 grams / day, and thus counteract its harmful effects on the cardiovascular system.

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