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Celiac disease causes in new research

Worldwide the incidence of celiac disease. On the causes triggers contributes the Research published in BMC Pediatrics, which examined the emergence of infantile celiac disease as a function of the development of maternity, in particular in the perinatal phases, i.e. relating to the period preceding and following birth, between the 29th week of gestation and the first 28 days after birth. The maternal diet is involved.

The researchers used data from more than 1,9 million Swedish children born between 1991 and 2009, 6.596 of whom - especially girls - developed celiac disease before the age of 15. By researching the causes, an increased risk emerges in childhood in the presence of cesarean and repeated urinary tract infections in the mother, attributing a probable role to the alteration of the bacterial flora (dysbiosis) in the child.

Other parameters concern the maternal conditions. Maternal overweight and premature rupture of the membrane do not affect the income and age of the parent, who if over 35 and well off seems to reduce the causes of celiac disease, says the research. Effects of good nutrition and a correct lifestyle, more common in the population with favorable economic and social status.

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