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Pancetta, and the name says it all. Very popular member of the typical family Italian cured meats, is an essential ingredient in hundreds of recipes of tricolor gastronomy. As can be deduced from the denomination, it is produced starting from the bellies of the pigs, with the fattest parts set aside to produce other sausages, such as salami, or gastronomic specialties such as cracklings.

Unlike the "bacon" produced in Anglo-Saxon countries, the traditional Italian pancetta is not smoked before consumption, but only salted and left to rest for a few days. Sometimes also spicy, it is characterized by three main types: rolled (with or without rind), stretched and battened. If subjected to aging, it can be eaten raw. Two protected designations of origin that take it to the heights of excellence among the famous Italian cured meats: Pancetta di Calabria and Pancetta Piacentina.

Following the evolution of consumption, even in Italy the classic Pancetta is now available in many versions and in packs with pieces already cut into cubes, convenient for cooking the thousands of recipes that involve it.

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