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bresaola recipe

Bresaola recipe, quality in cured meats

The traditional prescription of the bresaola it involves the use of only whole parts of lean and selected beef in line with the production of the best Italian cured meats. The preparation begins with the processing of the leg of the bovine, of which the most valuable cut is the so-called tip of the hip.

The articulated recipe of bresaola generates a particular product among the famous Italian cured meats. The first distinctive sign is that it is produced from beef and not from pork. It is classified as "raw whole piece not smoked". Thanks to the salting it can be kept for long periods while maintaining its softness and taste, savory and delicate at the same time.

After sprinkling it with salt, ground pepper and natural flavors, it is initially dried in stainless steel tanks. The pieces are massaged by hand, periodically, to facilitate the absorption of spices and the gradual, homogeneous drying. Then the washing and bagging, and the bresaola are transferred to special cells, at controlled temperature and humidity, for maturing which lasts between two and four months. It is a classic recipe that conquers the world!

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