Trapani Salt

Trapani Salt

Trapani Salt, Treasure of Italian Seas

Trapani salt is a prestigious seasoning obtained in a place where the wind, seawater and sun mingle. Trapani sea salt, in addition to belonging to the Slow Food Italian Presidia, is the product of this beautiful landscape in western Sicily, following natural rhythms, and time-tested practices, gathered in large white pyramids that change color at sunset.

In this incredible postcard backdrop, the Phoenicians started the first saline works in the 8th century BC, becoming an important economic resource for the nearby town in the 1500s, continuing to grow until the 1960s. Trapani Italian salt is unique in the world for its unbroken millennial history and tradition. Even collecting and packaging are carried out by hand. For this reason Trapani salt is defined as “whole”.

At the nutrition level, this product is different than other salts, containing lower levels of sodium chloride, and a strong concentration of potassium and magnesium. Harvesting begins in summer in July and August, usually three per year, with a possible extension to September, in line with weather and climactic conditions. Trapani salt is an amazing specialty!

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