Table Salt

Table Salt

Table Salt, An Essential Condiment

Table salt is praised for its unique properties, and criticized if eaten in excess. Italian salt is much appreciated by consumers, and this table condiment has even spawned Latin proverbs like cum grano salis – “with a grain of…”. It is acclaimed throughout the world, specifically that of Trapani.

The Phoenicians set up the area’s first saline pan on the western coast of Sicily, the epicenter of an event that would change the culture to come. Italy sits among important producers of table salt, with renowned facilities in Cervia, Cagliari, Barletta and Trapani (distinguished compared to other salts due to its low sodium chloride content).

It is a true protagonist of the history of the tri-color table. Benvenuto Cellini made golden table salt shakers for the French monarch Francis I, and many consider this mineral compound one of the most ancient links of people to their natural origins.

Table salt, preferably from Trapani, is a must have ingredient on the table and in the kitchen. Italian salt is naturally rich in iodine, indispensable for our physical and mental wellbeing. Its use adds flavor and accents aromas in recipes, but remember to use it in moderation – a dash or two will do!

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