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Trapani salt, slow food presidium, prestigious sea salt, produced in a place where the wind, water and sun create landscapes that are now watercolor, now incisive. In front of the coast of Trapani, as in a postcard, the Italian salt shows its luster in white pyramids, which change color with the sunset. It is here that the Phoenicians originated in the eighth century. BC to the first salt extraction plant that history remembers. The activity of the salt pans assumes a main role for the city around the fifteenth century, to grow over time until the sixties of the 1900s.

The peculiarity of Trapani salt lies in the absolutely traditional production, without any treatment phase: even the collection and packaging are done by hand following original methods. For these reasons the salt of Trapani is defined as integral.

In terms of food, Trapani salt differs from other types of sea salt thanks to its low content of sodium chloride and high concentration of potassium and magnesium.

In the summer comes the harvest period, especially in the months of July and August. There are usually about three harvests per year, a fourth can be done in September, depending on the weather and climatic conditions of this Italian territory.

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