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Sea salt of Trapani IGP

The Trapani sea salt has won a new Italian recognition of Protected Geographical Indication at European level.
In fact, the European Commission has given the final go-ahead for the official recognition of the new IGP trademark which will now be registered in the European register that protects designations of origin (PDO) and geographical indications (IGP) against forgery.
Produced in the coastal strip that connects Trapani to Marsala, it is an entirely natural sea salt without additives, whiteners or preservatives, particularly appreciated for its purity characteristics by the Italian and European canning industries.
An enormous opportunity that also presents itself in response to the growing awareness of food quality and safety that provide for more and more controls, certifications and regulations that enhance products of high quality, as well as historical and cultural value.
The new Italian recognition, which will allow this sea salt to be increasingly visible to consumers, also becoming a tool for promoting tourism in an area of ​​great interest and will move on the market, bringing with it the implicit message of both food quality and merits of the salt pans of Trapani.


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