Nduja, Original Recipe

Nduja is the most famous calabrese salami. It is soft, spreadable, VERY HOT, and known for its high quality. The Nduja recipe is native to the region of Calabria, with the production center par excellence in Spilinga, near Capo Vaticano, a town on Italy’s “toe” in the province of Vibo Valentia. Nduja sausage is vivid red in color, with a paste-like texture that doesn’t harden, even after aging.

A great way to taste Nduja in all its glory is on toasted bread, or crostini, and it is essential to other recipes of worldwide fame. Pasta, pizza, with cheese, or in sauces, Nduja exalts each dish with its unique flavor and aroma. The recipe consists of shredded cuts of pork, with choice pieces of fat from the belly, shoulders and thighs, and of course a healthy dose of Calabrian peperoncino (about 25-30%) to spice things up. Following mixing and salting, Nduja is preserved in natural pig intestine and smoked using resinous, aromatic woods like olive, or robinia.

The origins of Nduja sausage are unclear. According to some this calabrese salami was introduced to the area in the 1500s by the Spanish, but it also has a striking affinity to French “l’andouille”, which may have been imported in the Napoleonic period. Whatever the case this version casts a long shadow over its predecessors making you weep with joy!

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