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Cremona salami, intense and soft

Salame Cremona is produced according to a specification that provides for the exclusive use of pigs reared in Italy in the areas of origin of Prosciutto di Parma and San Daniele ham. For its production, only fresh and selected meats are used, flavored with a few, simple ingredients wisely dosed: salt and crushed garlic.

Once stuffed into natural casings, the salami must age in a humid and poorly ventilated environment for a minimum of 5 weeks up to over 4 months depending on the size. Only in this way will it keep all the characteristics that make it unique in its kind.

Always soft when cut, even after a long seasoning, Salame Cremona has a medium grain of an intense red color alternating with the white of the fatty parts. On the palate it is spicy and aromatic with a rich and intense taste.

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