Genoa Salami

Genoa Salami

Genoa Salami, Types and Ingredients

One thing that needs to be established when talking about Genoa salami is the separation between the types of salami this name commonly refers to, particularly in the United States, and what this traditional Italian masterpiece really is. The authentic Genoa version of this widespread “deli” fare is known as Salame Genovese di Sant’Olcese, a delicacy recognized in the region of Liguria and beyond.

True Genoa salami ingredients start out with equal portions of pork and beef, the former including lard and bacon, the latter originating in nearby Piemonte due to the lack of cattle raising land in this mountainous territory pushed against the sea.

Production is slightly different from other salamis, involving manual cutting of the meat to ensure that only the lean parts are passed through the grinder. Cubes of fat are then added to the mixture with whole peppercorns, garlic powder, white wine and salt. The preparation is then stuffed into casing and hand-tied in a way no industrial process can mimic.

The first days of aging take place in a hot-room heated by a wood (oak) burning stove, before being transferred to a dry-room for 2-3 months. Now that’s the pride of Genoa!

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