Salami, An Incredible Italian Delicacy

Authentic salami causes a craving that can never be denied in meat lovers. The flavors and satisfaction that Italian salami is able to deliver are unparalleled among selections of meats. Nowhere is this truer than in the bel paese, where different types of salami reach the pinnacle of global achievement, giving foodies and gourmands a wider depth of experience.

Salami is a perfect symbol of how Italian culinary tradition has evolved. Originally, the art of making salami was developed by country folk as a preservation technique to provide a consistent source of protein when fresh meat was not available. In a land of explorers and navigators the importance of salami as a food cannot be understated, and with a touch of Italian ingenuity and creativity a variety of types emerged to represent every region.

As a cured sausage, salami is a fermented, air-dried specialty that is uncooked, but not really raw either. Production starts with a mixture of ground meat (pork, beef, veal, venison or wild boar depending on the type) plus other ingredients such as salt, spices, black or white pepper, fennel, wine and herbs. The preparation is then stuffed into a natural (cleaned animal intestine) or artificial casing, treated with an edible mold culture and hung to dry.

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salame cremona

Cremona Salami

Cremona salami, true italian flavors The origins of Cremona salami date back to the second half of the 1500s when documents began to refer to local types of Italian salami with the nickname salsicciotti, or “little sausages”, that could be eaten fresh, boiled or roasted, noted...

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