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Ben 120 types of rice they are produced in Italy, diversified by grain size, shape, content and combined recipes. The production of the Belpaese, not surprisingly called the “rice field of Europe”, actually concerns 80% of a dozen varieties, of which very famous and loved by Italians are Arborio and the award-winning Carnaroli recipes and chefs.

We use to divide those types of rice peculiar to the peninsula in the classification: "native to","semi-fine"(Rosa Marchetti, Padano, Vialone Nano),"till"(Ribe, Sant'Andrea),"superfine"(Carnaroli, Rome, Arborio, Baldo). Some types of species are marketed without undergoing refinement and bleaching, obtaining that "integral"(But also the" Venus ", black in color, marketed as semi-integral).

The regions involved in the production are: Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto and the entire area of ​​the Po Valley, rich in humid and soft soils. From here derive many popular regional recipes (pumpkin risotto, saffron, Treviso red radicchio and others). Superfines go well with risottos, for cold salads it is customary to choose the gelatinized types (parboiled) and for traditional different types of soups wholemeal productions are preferable.

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