Going International

Often taking a back seat to the prominence of pasta in the popular imagination, it is a little known fact that Italy is home to some of the finest rice producers in the world. Most rice production in Italy is located in the northern part of the country in the regions of Piemonte and Lombardia, where the crop is grown across the wide, flat plain of the Po river valley. This region can literally be referred to as Europe’s rice-basket, not only because Italy is the EU’s largest producer, but because it also accounts for approximately two-thirds of all rice consumed across the continent. Italian rice producers are organised incredibly well to meet this international demand, setting aside the majority of their harvests for export and international distribution. Now through GIFT these producers will have the yet another opportunity to reach even further, bringing the excellence of Italian rice to more tables throughout the globe. In Italy it is most commonly used for different types of risotto, divine slow-cooked recipes that originate in the most important rice producing areas of the peninsula.