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Arborio rice

Arborio rice, superfine Italian

Italian Arborio rice superfine is the king of risotto. This takes its name from a village in Piedmont, in the North West of the Peninsula, where the Po valley begins its long descent from the Alps to the Adriatic coast. We are talking about the "cradle" of Italian rice, as well as the most important cultivation area in Europe. Rice Arborio is often compared to a pearl, due to its more squat and round shape than other varieties, and also due to its characteristic color.

The precious comparison finds even more reason for being in the transformation undergone in the cooking phase. The high starch content of rice superfine Arborio leads to the release of amylopectin, which gives it an extraordinary ability to blend and absorb flavors, a fundamental characteristic for preparing an excellent risotto.

From this point of view, the approach to the stove during preparation is very similar to that of pasta: it must be cooked al dente, so that it remains firmer than its simpler and whiter counterparts. It cooks in about 18 minutes and is usually made with asparagus, artichokes, seafood, saffron, green onions, meat and, of course, a good dose of red or white wine.


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