HomericeRice, an Italian excellence for the world

Rice, an Italian excellence for the world

In the imagination, Italy is the country of pasta. Yet the beautiful country is home to some of the best rice producers in the world, with peaks of rare excellence.

The area dedicated to the production of rice in Italy is located in the northern part of the country, in Piedmont and Lombardy, in the valley of the river Po. A territory indicated as the rice basket of Europe, not only because Italy is the most largest producer in the EU, but because two thirds of all the product consumed on the continent comes from here.

Italian producers have organized themselves to respond to this international demand, and most of their crops are destined for export and distribution outside the borders. Now, through GIFT, they will have the opportunity to strengthen their presence in foreign markets, bringing the excellence of Italian rice to the tables of the world. In Italy, rice is commonly used for risottos, slow cooking divine recipes that originate in the most important production areas.

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