Regulatory compliance

Regulatory Compliance in Food

Regulatorycompliance is fundamental to meeting with success in international business. Foodregulations are incredibly varied in different markets, and compliance means understanding and implementing practices that are perfectly adapted to these complex regulatory systems as they evolve.

Regulatory compliance in food falls into two large macro-areas that are equally important to importing or exporting with ease. First among them involves safety, authorizations and import requirements – the regulatory framework that governments implement to control commerce. The second is the body of information required by law for consumers and labelling.

GIFT – Great Italian Food Trade puts producers and distributors into contact with the right parties to make the complexity of regulatory compliance disappear, opening the shortest path to moving goods. FARE, a division of the Wiise Srl network of companies, operates across six continents, offering services aimed at the awareness, comprehension and correct application of industry processes. This includes activities in public affairs, crisis management, media relations, and more.