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Law Firm, strategic consulting, growth in the EU

The law firm‘s services are tailored to the needs of individual clients. To have it, and its network, on your side, will mean to take advantage of an in-depth strategic consulting regarding the agrifood industry, intended to study and seize every development opportunity, monitoring the chances arising, for example, from European Projects and proposals for subsidized lending.

The law firm of FARE and its team of consultants, with law offices in Milan and Brussels, offers a timely selection service of emerging opportunities, also taking care of the necessary transfer of skills and expertise to institutional and private bodies which would so qualify, in reference to (co-) funded programs.

A law firm that can support you in many fields, such as the assistance to companies or public administrations with international twinning initiatives, bilateral cooperation, coordination and process management, through continuous follow-ups (control, supervise, advice and planning), as well as the drafting of the business enterprise documents, feedback of the flow of information as of the target countries and the structures involved in the project with regards to their law sistems.

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