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food labels

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Food labels and commercial info concerning any food product are subject to various set of rules in constant evolution, starting from European regulations (EU reg. 1169/11). The continuous updating of standards, their application and interpretation, therefore, affects the appearance, content and positioning of all the data on the labels and advertising of food items.

Food labels and more. The expert advice of FARE includes the study of new labels and communication in fulfillment with the EU reg. 1169/11 and all other policies applied in the countries of destination. In synergy with the company representatives the technical specifications of the ingredients, the consistency of the analytical figures, the product and marketing needs are evaluated, in order to suggest a clear and effective strategy. 

With regard to the review of existing food product labels – lay out and individual entries, including nutritional values – the editing work can be preceded by an audit at the Client’s office. On this basis subsequent interventions, as well as training, are planned to optimize the conformity cost.

The support to businesses is also offered in the dutiful compliance check of all forms of business communicational strategies.

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